Monday, July 6, 2015

Grammar and flow of writing In A Novel

It is true that writing is one of the difficult arts to master at. One of the major difficulties which, the beginners face these days is the lack prowess in the grammar skills. Bad grammar proves to be one the major reasons of unsuccessful work. Each grammatical error yanks and irritates readers to somewhere else. The first rule for writing a good novel is to acquire a sound knowledge of the grammar rules. It includes using appropriate words, constructing smooth sentences, and writing with clear perception.

Here go some important rules that one should always look forward to.

Be careful with commas: 

Comma is one the most important punctuation mark that has been used illicitly. In fact, it is one of the tricky punctuations which can make your work weak. So before you start writing fiction, make sure that you have an appropriate knowledge of punctuating commas at the right place.

Avoid weak words:  

A few words do not add much to the meaning of the text, such as “very”, “really” and also the verb, for example “to be” verbs, to have, and to do are considered as weak words. Handling a work uneconomically is a sign of amateur writing. You must work a little harder for choosing precise and vivid expressions.

Verb and tense agreement: 

It is a massive error which one cannot afford. Such errors results if the work is not edited properly. However, a few people are slightly weak with their verb and tense agreement. I would propose them to read and clear the basic of grammar first.

Prefer active construction: 

passive voice sentence construction is a little awkward for novel writing. It sounds old fashioned and does not amuse reader to get involved with the work.

Are you aware with the little grammar monsters:

One must properly check their homophones because the spell check will not guide you properly in this case. The common set of homophones are they’re, their, and there, and also words such as complement and compliment. Learning proper homophones makes your work meticulous and error free.

Pronouns are not cozy: 

Avoid using too many pronouns in a sentence as it make the sentence confusing and also end up in distracting readers from the main story. It is a great idea to introduce the name of the characters in the first paragraph and then use the pronoun so that readers can follow the idea later.

Do not mess up with your capslock: 

I do not know, but due to some reason, a lot of people are not conscious about using the capslock on their keyword. But let me tell you that a writer cannot afford to do so. Make sure you only capitalize the proper nouns.

Flow of writing

This is one of the most important things that a writer has to learn. One has to maintain the consistency which is judiciously challenged at each stage. You must be aware regarding your sentence construction and further regarding building the paragraphs. 

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